Qtum Offline Staking
August 30th - Till all the prizes are sent out


Address Delegation

150 Winners
During the campaign, every 30 days (Sep 30th, Oct 30th, Nov 29th to be more specific) at 18:00:00 (GMT+8), 50 Valid Addresses will be randomly selected to share 1,000 QTUM, each prize is 20 QTUM. To be eligible for the lucky draw, Valid Addresses must accumulate 20 days of delegation to that Super Staker and win a block reward within the 30 days period.
* This reward is only valid for the address delegated to the Super Staker. The reward of address that delegated to the pool delegation will be operated by the pool.

Super Staker

Annualized interest rate: 15%

Reward: 5 QTUM

Requirements: 30 days online time staking 1,000+ QTUM

Annualized interest rate: 19%

Reward: 50 QTUM

Requirements: 60 days online time staking 3,000+ QTUM

Annualized interest rate: 21%

Reward: 150 QTUM

Requirements: 90 days online time staking 5,000+ QTUM

Super stakers that successfully accept the address delegations and win at least one block reward for delegates during the period will receive QTUM rewards.
* Calculation assumes 6% staking return (can change dynamically), delegation weight 5x super staker’s self staking weight, plus QTUM Rewards. As an example for the 5,000 QTUM Super Staker with 25,000 in delegations: 5,000 x 6% = 300 (self staking) 25,000 x 10% super staker fee x 6% = 150 (delegate staking) 150 x 4 periods = 600 (prizes) 1,050/ 5,000 = 21% annualized

Pool Delegation

Qtum has invited many well-known institutions & exchanges to participate in Qtum Offline Staking Stake-A-Thon as pool operators. Users can choose their favorite pool to participate in the campaign and get exclusive rewards.
* Each pool delegation has different reward rules, users are free to choose. And the reward will be sent out later by the pool operators.

Qtum Testnet Offline Staking Lucky Draw

100 QTUM
5 Winners
In order to thank the community members for their outstanding contributions to the Qtum Testnet Stake-A-Thon, the Qtum Testnet lucky draw will randomly select  5 winners from the addresses participating in the Qtum Testnet Offline Staking Campaign. The addresses must have finished the signature process, observed all Stake-A-Thon rules, and received or sent at least one Testnet Offline Staking block reward. The Testnet lucky draw and prize distribution will take place on approximately September 4, 2020.
* Each IP can be bound to 5 Qtum addresses at most. If there are more than 5 addresses, only the 5 that have the most QTUM staked will be counted.

Check if address delegation is successful

You can check more delegation info on

Rules and Instructions

  • To join the campaign, download and install the latest version (>= 0.19.1) of the Qtum Core Wallet.
  • The prize will be automatically sent to the winner's Qtum wallet address,rewards are processed and distributed every 30 days; pool delegation rewards will be arranged by the pool operators.
  • Each IP can be bound to 5 Qtum addresses at most. If there are more than 5 addresses, only the 5 that have the most QTUM staked will be counted.
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